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A hot farewell suffer-fest

Story by Pete Maloney July 5th, 2015

Hatta fort hotel

2:15pm arrival and time to settle in, check out the views and get the beverages ready for later…

4:30 pm and time to meet for a bit of bike faff in a typically precise German manner.
Waiting around to see if the temperature will drop below 45 degrees.

Nadgery Climb

That niggly winding steep corner on the new blue heading up to the start of the Hatta Horn climb


Black Traverse

It keeps you on your toes while you recover from THAT climb.


Top of the Hatta Horn

It’s all been worth it…

Glen looking pretty cool and relaxed at the summit
Byron breezes in.
Shaun looking happy
Do it again Leigh, I missed you the first time...

Break at the top

A well earned break and time for some high brow banter.


Heading down the Hatta Horn Black

Glen’s off first…


Leigh’s next

Then Byron…

And Shaun follows in.

Footnote: A weekend staycation with the remaining Hot Cogs as part of Leigh's final farewell celebrations.
Hatta - United Arab Emirates