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Jebel Shams

A mid-summer escape from the heat

Story by Pete Maloney August 6th, 2017

Friday morning exploration

Robin decided to break out the lycra to tackle the big climbs we were in for - and to explore an old abandoned 4x4 track Adam's had his eye on for a while.

Robin shamelessly rocking the lycra
Jan, Adam, Robin and Pete - Reece's behind the lens on camera duty

Climbing to the track

It's all stuff we've done before - but this time in reverse. 400m ticked off already.


The old 4x4 track

We're not sure how old this track is, or when it was abandoned - but the views are stunning and it must have been a pretty gnarly drive when it was accessible by car.

Photo: Adam Davidson

Time to turn around and head back the way we came in.

Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson

The Top of the canyon

Reece parks for a view into the canyon above the balcony village.

Photo: Jan Berny

Afternoon at the campsite

At just under 2,000m we're much cooler than the 45C down at sea level but the sun's still pretty strong - hanging out in the shade drinking G&T's the way to go.


Once the sun hits the horizon things start to cool down a bit and it's almost beer o'clock

Photo: Adam Davidson

Time to get the Fire started


A final play on the rock slabs before the sun sets




And Relax...

Playtime's over and now it's down to serious business.


Morning visitor

Always reminds me I shouldn't wear flip flops when packing up the tent in the morning...


Wadi Ghul

Riding up to the end of Wadi Ghul on Saturday morning. It was pretty hard going after the recent rains with as much pushing and carrying as riding. And it was HOT too.

Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo: Adam Davidson
Photo 7-29-17, 09 46 04.jpg

Beehive tombs

Part of a collection of settlements and necropolises from the 3rd millennium B.C.

Jebel Shams, Jabal Shams, Ad Dakhiliyah ‍Governorate, Oman