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New Year Weekend

Biking, hiking and meandering in the UAE to welcome in 2017

Story by Pete Maloney January 5th, 2017

Final Death march of the year

Antony and I decided that a regular ride at Showka just wasn't enough for the last ride of 2016 so we decided to head out into the unknown near Huwaylat. Everything was going really well until the inevitable hike-a-bike started...


Some great new trails hiding in the hills.


Showka Camping

Time to slow things down a bit and get settled in for a cool night under the stars at the new regular camp spot in Showka.


Dizzy pipes and some camera testing trying to capture the stars.


Hiking trails on Jebel Yibir

After a bit of a shaky start we found a network of great hiking trails near the top of Jebel Yibir and spent the afternoon exploring, passing donkeys and guys carrying massive loads on their way to remote farms.


Camping above the clouds

Time for a well deserved rest and get set up for the final evening of 2016 - way above the clouds covering Ras Al Khaimah.

_DSF0634 3000px.jpg
_DSF0644 3000px.jpg

Pre-dinner snacks and drinks were soon demolished and a bit of truck-yoga was necessary to stretch out those tired legs.



Shaun getting the fire roaring in his own special way.


Time to settle in and enjoy the views as we moved closer and closer to the fire to keep warm.


When the sun went down the lights came on and we had an amazing view across Ras Al Khamiah - and even the glow of the fireworks way over in Dubai.

_DSF0730 3000px.jpg

Misty Mountains

The cool morning air brought a beautiful blue mist all over the mountains as we drove down the steep road to the bottom of the mountain.


There's a new camp spot with this view which is definitely on our must-do list very soon, and was a great find to finish our little adventure for the closing of the year.